Proven Winners National Spring Combo 2016

Introducing Proven Winners Spring 2016 Combo “Evening Breeze”.  It is a fabulous show of purples, lavenders, white and a touch of yellow for contrast.  A great addition to the PW combo line. This combo is created using 2 each of Superbells Evening Star, Snowstorm Snow Globe and Superbena Royale Plum Wine.  Click on this link to learn more.

Happy Spring!

Spring is a great time in the garden. Here in New England it is a time to finally get out and address the garden which has been sleeping since late fall. This year the ground is not covered with snow but now I can see all the projects that were left over from last planting season.

The first thing that I will do will of course clean up the yard and then put down a good application of an organic fertilizer. At Fran’s we sell Espoma products. We like them because the whole line is 100% organic and is not harmful to pets or humans alike.

The second thing on my Spring to do list is to replace my winter containers. Most of the greens in my Holiday arrangements are starting to get a little dry and brown. I will pull out the greens and add some great Spring items. Typically pansies will be my go to plant for Spring. Pansies are amazingly cold tolerant. I have seen pansies take a deep freeze and come out of it unscathed. There are many choices to bring color to the early Spring landscape. All the bulb plants will work and are synonymous with Spring. Even some of the summer accent plants can transition well from Spring through fall> For example trailing vinca and cascading ivy are prime candidates that will last from these cold days of Spring to the warm days of Summer and Fall.

Last but not least enjoy the longer days and the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sun on your back. It has been a long cold Winter. After all this is what we have been waiting for.

A Garden to Have and to Hold – Creating Miniature and Fairy Gardens

Miniature gardens…a refreshing take on container gardening, an enchanting way to introduce children to the world of plants, and for those of you who must succumb to the changing of the seasons, a miniature garden is the perfect way to continue your love of gardening through the dismal days of winter. These little landscapes are simple and fun, can make a superb hostess gift or centerpiece for special occasions, and can even be therapeutic.   Continue reading “A Garden to Have and to Hold – Creating Miniature and Fairy Gardens”