March Flower of the Month – Narcissus (aka Daffodil, Jonquil)

What’s in a Name: The genus name Narcissus is thought to be derived from the Greek Narkissos, meaning sleep or numbness.


The Greek Myth of Narcissus and Echo details the often drooping appearance of Narcissus blooms. Narcissus had an unrequited love for Echo and hid in a cave to escape his sorrow. Often, he would come
out of the cave to check his reflection in a nearby lake. Trying to get a closer look at himself, he fell in and drowned. A Narcissus flower bloomed in his place and its drooping head, leaning over to stare at its
reflection in the lake, was thought to portray the vanity of Narcissus.

Symbolism: friendship and domestic happiness, rebirth

Did You Know:
• In the Victorian language of flowers, Narcissus conveyed the sentiment “You are an Angel.”
• Narcissus may be white, yellow, or deep to pale orange, or a combination of two of these colors.
• Jonquils are thought to bring good fortune to those who do not step on them.
• Daffodils are often the first flowers to bloom during spring.
• Narcissus’ sap contains sharp crystals which protect them from foraging animals.
• These same crystals cause other flowers to wilt if placed in a bouquet with Narcissus.