February Flower of the Month – Violet

February Flower of the Month VioleteWhat’s in a Name:  Violet’s Latin genus name of Viola is believed to have come from “Ione” and the Greek legend of Jupiter having to change his lover Io into a cow, for protection, and then create Viola blooms for her to graze on more happily than grass.

History: The legend of St. Valentine tells of the Christian priest making ink by crushing violet blossoms that grew outside his prison cell. He then used the ink to write notes of love and friendship on violet leaves. The notes, of course, were then delivered by Doves.

Symbolism:  faithfulness, humility, and chastity

Did You Know:

Violets are the State Flower for Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois and New Jersey

Napoleon used the alias “Caporal Violette” when he was exiled

A gift of Violets is thought to show faithfulness and reciprocal love

Carrying or wearing Violets was thought to bring a change of luck

Ancients would wear a wreath of violets to ward off wine hangovers

Violets are more traditional Valentine blooms than Roses