Do you want a new tree, but don’t feel like planting it yourself? We have you covered. At Wyman’s Home & Garden Showplace we offer planting service on select products we sell at the garden center.

Our professional crew will deliver and plant your selections, using proper techniques and the best soil amendments we have. Simply make your choice at our stores, our staff will give you a flag to place where you want your tree planted, and that’s it-we handle everything else. You don’t even have to be home.

Planting services include delivery, planting, Dr. Earth soil, compost, staking, mulching, and site clean up. Our planting services also offer a 100% ONE YEAR warranty, so if for some reason your tree doesn’t make it, even the planting labor is covered. So, save your receipt if replacement is necessary!

Charges vary so please contact garden center for details.