For 42 years and counting Fran’s has been a place to gather, find inspiration, beauty and just stop and say hello. We can’t wait to return to this role. Until that becomes possible we are going to ask you to shop two ways.
1) Online through our website. Just go to the SHOP tab above, place and pay for your order. When is is ready we will notify you that it is ready to be picked up. Stay in your car and call us (617-840-5416, 508-655-8424) and we will get your order to you.
2) Or if the website is not your thing you can Park Point and Pay. You will drive up and point. For now we are asking you to stay in your car and call us (617-840-5416, 508-655-8424) from your cell. Payments will be made by giving us your credit card over the phone and we will email your receipt.

Make no mistake…this “essential” status comes with a great responsibility to do the right thing; we will follow the guidelines as outlined below:
3) We have adopted a remote sales method removing any opportunity for close contact with the public. Orders will be taken by phone or email. Credit cards will then be taken over the phone only, no cash transactions at this time.
4) Using an overabundance of caution we will do “curbside” pickups only. Loading materials directly into customers’ trunks or truck beds. The point is ZERO close contact with the public. NO EMPLOYEE CAN LOAD DIRECTLY INTO A VEHICLE’S CAB OR PASSENGER AREA. If the trunk is full, the customer will have to load it themselves.
5) Because the risk of transmission exists even in open air, we must close even the external portions of our retail operations to customer foot traffic. All aspects of the premises, with the exception of parking lots or curb frontage, will be off-limits to foot traffic.

At Fran’s Flowers , our well trained staff is ready and willing to give you all the advice you need to succeed at gardening. Our mission is to provide our customers with great product, super service and support, along with great prices.

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pw6inchFran’s Flowers is a Certified Proven Winners Garden Center. We have hundreds of Proven Winners and Proven Selections in many size pots available every day, specifically developed by the PW horticulturalists for your container and bedding needs.

We also hand pick annuals and perennials from other local nurseries such as Cavicchio Greenhouses in Sudbury, MA. Our earth friendly 8″ fiber pot mum plants are grown at Stonefield Farms in Acton MA.

produceIn our Produce Department, we seasonally feature native produce including corn from Cucurbit Farms Acton, MA.